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Shipping refrigerated items across the US and even the world has, a very special set of challenges. Over the years we have experimented with many different techniques and products to ensure that deliveries arrive on time and at the proper temperature.

Our latest shipping containers do just that. In the past shipping a refrigerated item would have required a box with 1/2 inch sheets of Styrofoam lining the interior of the box. This of course would leave the consumer with all of that Styrofoam to deal with.

To make life easier on the consumer and reduce the amount of waste that was being produced we set out to find an easier more eco friendly solution. We call it the NuBag.

What’s so special about it?

NuBags have a reflective silver colored lining with a built-in layer of Styrofoam eliminating the need for any additional Styrofoam pieces. This seriously reduces the impact on our environment, while keeping the TPN cool.

Some of the special features of the NuBags are:

•  The reflective silver outer & inner lining consists of a Heat-Reflective Technology that prevents  heat intrusion.

•  NuBags take up less space, and best of all there is no pile of styrofoam to dispose of.