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The Nutrishare Neighborhood is a monthly ZOOM conference call with home TPN consumers, caregivers, and friends.  The conversation will start with a special guest, who will share with us helpful and interesting parenteral nutrition information or an opinion that others may expand upon.  If we get off-topic that is perfectly ok – it’s your neighborhood!

All HPN consumers & caregivers are welcome on the call!



Come meet Rebekah Urbonya! Hear how her courage, strength and determination got her through college and on to becoming a full time RN, all while being dependent on TPN 20 hrs a day for her nutrition! 



Tuesday, January 5th, 2021

Join Nutrishare’s friends and family for this  Zoom event!
Call time:  4:00 PM PST    5:00 PM MST    6:00 PM CST    7:00 PM EST

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