Matt Banderman

This week we want to introduce you to Matt Banderman @mattbanderman who has been on TPN for 20 yrs. Matt was a healthy kid & teenager. In high school, he got involved in basketball & fell in love with his high school crush Jenny (now his wife of 18 yrs, but together for 23 yrs)! In college, Matt did some modeling. He invited his folks & Jenny to a shoot he was going to be in. They loaded up in his folks 1989 Cadillac and on that day their lives changed forever when a drunk driver hit them head-on! As a result of the accident, Matt’s stepfather is now disabled, his mother received trauma to the head & a few broken bones. Matt & Jenny both had lap belts on that caused trauma to their spine & bowel. However, Matt received more injury than Jenny. He wound up w/ a broken back, an ostomy & a catheter that could provide TPN (total parenteral nutrition).

The doctors gave him a death sentence, but Matt didn’t let that stop him! He worked really hard to overcome all the obstacles put in his way! He was able to walk again, eventually, the ostomy was removed & he was able to start eating small amounts of food. About 25% of Matt’s nutrition is from eating, while 75% of his nutrition comes from home TPN.

Matt continues to live a normal active life! Since the accident, Matt graduated from Fontbonne University in 2001 with a degree in business management. His involvement on the board at Bethany Christian Services led Northwestern Mutual to recognize him as the Community Service Award recipient in 2013. His passion for & commitment to bettering his company & the community earned him St. Louis Business Journal’s 40 under 40 in February of 2018!!! Matt currently lives in St. Louis, MO. & married to Jenny! They have 3 kids: Brooklyn, Georgia, & Cohen. Matt enjoys spending time with his family, coaching his kid’s athletic teams, playing basketball and softball are some of his favorite hobbies. He continues to actively serve & attend his local church.