Mary Probus

My TPN journey began in 1991 when my bowel became strangulated due to an open-loop from a gastric bypass I had 12 yrs prior. I died twice on the operating table that day. The doctors removed my entire jejunum, ileum, and ileocecal valve. I had 3 children at home under the age of 5. I knew they needed me and I wasn’t going to give up. My kids gave me the will and strength to live and a renewed belief in Christ.

I started with @nutrishare in 1995 after some disappointing results from a local pharmacy. I learned through the expertise of my pharmacist how to manage my rare d-lactic acidosis, which nobody in my city knew anything about. Like others, I deal with bone loss, vascular potency, and sepsis at times, but I keep on pushing forward. With the assistance of Nutrishare and a medication called Gattex, I’ve been able to decrease my days of TPN to 4 times a week.

After 30 yrs of marriage, my spouse and I called it quits due to lack of support on his end. Eventually, I found love again at 60. We have been together for 5 amazing years. Both of us enjoy sharing our lives together. We are avid campers, taking trips in his 34 ft. RV. We love going on cruises and are planning another one next year. You can find us vacationing at the beach or even going to festivals and parties around town. I do get tired. Especially after a day with my 4 beautiful granddaughters. When I hear, “I love you” Mimi “ it makes life all worth it. I don’t let TPN put me in a negative space. I adjust life according to infusion days. TPN deliveries can be set up to be delivered wherever I’m traveling. My advice when traveling is not to forget your pump! Having fatigue and swelling is normal for me with all my health issues, but it’s a small price to pay for a healthy life with Nutrishare on my side.