JOURNEY- Nutrishare’s TPN Travel Club



What is JOURNEY?

Webster Dictionary defines journey as going from one place to another usually with long distance involved. Nutrishare defines a journey as an experience that involves planning, assistance, sharing, support, and knowledge to realize a memorable experience.

We have developed a program that assists our consumers with their travel. Travel for the TPN consumer can be complicated but with advance planning and outreach, we feel confident that your journey will be accessible and straightforward.

Every journey is different and requires specific planning. We have developed a working relationship with TSA and can arrange for assistance in maneuvering the security screening process. We have tips for cruise planning, train travel, and the car trip whether a short weekend trip or a cross-country journey. As each type of travel requires different timelines we ask that you contact us early in your planning. We can direct you and assist you with packing your solutions and supplies, arrange to ship, and even what type of travel insurance would be best for your trip.


Linda Gravenstein, Consumer Advocate

281-414-1432 cell, 281-376-9468 office